The ENSAR2's WP4: Nuclear Spectroscopy Instrumentation Network

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NuSpIn Tasks


 Task 1 - Coordination, promotion and dissemination

1.1 Steering Committee: to coordinate and organize the different activities and tasks

1.2 Scientific Committee: to promote collaborative ventures and to encourage the pooling of distributed equipment

1.3 Coordination between the Infrastructures: to organize annual meetings between the management of the gamma-spectroscopy collaborations and the directors of the hosting infrastructures


 Task 2 - Working Groups

2.1 WG1: High-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy.

2.2 WG2: Particle detectors.

2.3 WG3: High-efficiency and fast-timing scintillator detectors.

2.4 WG4: Devices for nuclear moments and transition probabilities.


 Task 3 - Collaboration Workshops and WG Workshops

organized on an annual basis in different countries, will allow the whole community to meet together, to present scientific results, to discuss on common problems, to strengthen collaborations and to start new ventures.


 Task 4 - Transfer of knowledge

4.1 training courses for new users for a new generation of researchers, ready to exploit in the best way all the essential tools   needed for their research

4.2 exchange of key personnel to ensure common knowledge base.