The ENSAR2's WP4: Nuclear Spectroscopy Instrumentation Network


ENSAR2: a European project for Nuclear Physics

ENSAR2 is the integrating activity for European nuclear scientists who are performing research in three of the major subfields defined by NuPECC:

 - Nuclear Structure and Dynamics,

 - Nuclear Astrophysics and

 - Nuclear Physics Tools and Applications.

It proposes an optimised ensemble of Networking (NAs), Joint Research (JRAs) and Transnational Access Activities (TAs), which will ensure qualitative and quantitative improvement of the access provided by the current ten infrastructures (GANIL-SPIRAL2 (F), joint LNL-LNS (I), CERN-ISOLDE (CH), JYFL (FI), ALTO (F), GSI (D), KVI-CART (NL), NLC (PL), IFIN-HH/ELI-NP (RO) and the theoretical physics facility: ECT* (I)), which are at the core of this project.

Our community of nuclear scientists makes great effort to pursue excellent scientific programmes at these infrastructures and to apply state-of-the-art developments to other fields and to benefit humanity (e.g., archaeology, medical imaging). These activities ensure a high-level socio-economic impact.

To enhance the access to these facilities, the community has defined a number of JRAs dealing with novel and innovative technologies to improve the operation of the facilities.

The NAs of ENSAR2 have been set-up with specific actions to strengthen the communities coherence around certain research topics and to ensure a broad dissemination of results and stimulate multidisciplinary, application-oriented research and innovation at the Research Infrastructures.

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WP4: NA4 - NuSpIn: Nuclear Spectroscopy Instrumentation network

The Nuclear Spectroscopy Instrumentation Network (NuSpIn), promotes the mutual coordination between the research groups involved in high-resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy. The objective of NuSpIn is to strengthen the nuclear structure community by the exchange and transfer of knowledge and the enhancement of synergies between the different collaborations active in the European Infrastructure Facilities. NuSpIn objetives are (a) the optimum use of the resources through the pooling of distributed equipment for large-scale projects, (b) the development of new technologies, (c) the collaboration for the maintenance of detectors by enhancing detector labs synergies, (d) the transfer of knowledge with training courses for young researchers, through the exchange of key personnel, (e) collaborative ventures between experimental research groups and between experimentalists and theoreticians and (f) to promote and coordinate common R&D projects in strong synergy with all TNAĺs and the Joint Research Activities.

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